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Ferel Bruno was born on May 30, 1967 in Fonds des Blancs, a small town Southwest of Port au Prince. He is the first of five children, four boys and one girl. His mother passed away when he was 9 years old. He spent most of his childhood in a school dormitory in Port au Prince. After his mother's death, while his father took care of the other four children, he was determined to make something of himself to help his family and his country. After years at the dormitory school, he met Fr. William B. Wasson and Fr.Leo Richard Frechette who came on a visit and he was invited to come to the USA for continuing education. He traveled to Yarnell, AZ to learn English as second language. From there, he traveled to Miami, Florida to continue his education and obtained a degree in Business Administration and Accounting. While he was going to school he helped Our Little Brothers and Sisters organization. He was later transferred to Haiti to give a year of service at the orphanage in its infancy, established in Haiti three years prior to his arrival. While there, Ferel worked in all kinds of positions, from construction to teaching. Ferel is married and is the father of Kevin 10 and Annamaria 5.

Ferel is now one of the directors at the Orphanage, where he is in charge of many projects. He has traveled to numerous countries in Europe, North and South America as a representative of the Organizations where he worked. He has also traveled to many provinces in Haiti during hurricanes, floods, and even the earthquakes to lend a hand; to give hope, where hope seems to be fading. His passion is to help all those in need, whether with his money or through solicitation for help. When he sees a need, he tries his best to meet the need by any means necessary. He has rescued teenagers from some of the violent streets of Haiti and help parents and children that time seems to have forgotten.

We are all born with a purpose, and his purpose is to serve others and to ease the pain of those that suffers and to give hope to the hopeless.


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