Inauguration of the new modern bakery.

Volunteers from Italy work with the people of Fond Des Blancs.
October 8, 2011

Hands are raised showing bread from the bakery. [1/16]
On October 8, an inauguration was held for a new modern bakery in Fond Des Blancs. In attendance of the celebration were the mayor, town leaders, judge, casec, police, and many others from the town. The inauguration began with a mass which included the blessing for the new bakery as well as for the water system that is essential for making the baked goods.

Many thanks to the volunteers, especially those that came all the way from Italy to plan and build the bakery. In addition to unloading lots of equipment, there was a great deal of work needed to get the new machinery ready to go. Proper ventilation was needed, cut-outs had to be made to the walls, a protective tent roofing was placed over the bakery, and the grounds were beautified.

A major goal of the bakery is to be able to make goods that are free or not too expensive.

As a banner on the bakery says... "Nature needs water and bread."


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