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An e-mail from Gerhard Biedermann to Ferel Bruno

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Hi Ferel,

yes I know your intentions to develop the community of Fond des Blancs with the local government as I was able to witness on the trips with you and I'm sure that is the best way for Haiti to develop with own power, just supported with foreign money. This can just help to be faster and give ability and motivation. You know my interest and will to support own engagement like my Intention to support poor People, like some of the orphans, who finish school and have to leave to be able to stand alone in difficult ambient terrain. I loaded some obligations on my shoulders and try my best, after the stroke in 1997, that forced me to stop mountain climbing, cayaking, flyng hanggliders. Maybe god showed me other paths than needles joy just for myself.

No, not that bad, I'm happy to know much more now and more nice people.

I'm going to stop working end of january due to my reduced work contract. With a farewell party in my company I intend to reflect my working life and personel aspects and want to present the latest years impressions of Haiti and your engagement for progress. I hope to spread your idea and get some support for that. As we are devolopping engines, I watched your wish for a Toyota Land Cruiser, wich is, I think a very good choice for your purpose. It has especially for desert trips, in your case for river crossings a very high air inlet through the tube on the side to avoid Piston demage by dust or water hammer etc..

You see my mind is always available for Haiti, sometimes I'm a little busy over there, but that can change soon and I hope man will be clever enough not to threaten world peace as it is happening already.

In the meantime let's steadily go forward step by step to make world better and spread love.


Reply from Ferel...

Hello Gerhard,

Thank you for your nice words of encouragement and support. I am glad you were among of donors and friends who had a chance to visit fdb at the beginning of the projects and after that you had visited fdb few times that a chance many donors don't have to see the improvement we are making in fdb. In raining season at time we have to cross about 18 rivers up and down mountain to get to fdb, as we are making progress life is getting easier for the community before it was difficult to get to the villages because of the floods prevent access to schools, market and any kind of transport between the villages.

Thank God with all the support we were able to get one bridge donated but we need still need to do more.

Again thank you for your support and encouragement.

I am glad you were able to come few time to fdb to see our work. You are a good witness to our programs in fdb.

May God bless your heart.



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